Thóra B.  Hafsteindóttir
Lisa van Dongen
Project manager

A free online leadership course

The Nurse-Lead consortium, offers a “Massive Open Online Course” (MOOC) with leadership in nursing as the central theme. This course aims to provide an introduction to leadership and it expected to strengthen the leadership competencies and professional development of nurses and nursing students. The MOOC is an online course and consists out of self-study. The MOOC particularity is developed for nurses working in clinical practice (all areas) and bachelor nursing students. However, the course is valuable for everyone with a nursing background. The MOOC addresses various topics including:

  • Leadership definitions
  • The importance of leadership
  • Leadership approaches and models
  • Clinical leadership
  • Leading Evidence-based-practice
  • Global trends and challenges in nursing

Are you interested and do you want to follow the MOOC? Please apply for this free course through one of the links below:

Leadership in Nursing (All English) –
Leadership in Nursing (English – German) – 
MOOC Verpleegkundig leiderschap (Dutch) –