Fellows from 6 European countries participate the Nurse-Lead program
Postdoctoral nurses are following the program
Doctoral nursing students are following the program
Nursing Leadership Educational Programme

Nurse-Lead offers a 1½ year program aimed at doctoral nursing students and postdoctoral nurses, through which they:

  • Enhance their leadership skills;
  • Strengthen their professional development;
  • Extend their research competencies in their areas of interest;
  • Learn to conduct interdisciplinary research;
  • Establish new transnational networks.

This will lead to an increased pool of transnational nursing leaders who have strong competencies in leadership, research and education.


There is a lack of highly qualified postdoctoral nurse educators and academic career opportunities for postdoctoral nurses and nurses in doctoral trajectories. The Nursing Leadership Educational Program (Nurse-Lead) for doctoral nursing students and postdoctoral nurses aims:

  • To stimulate the future generation of leaders in nursing education and research encouraging high performing, education research environments;
  • To train and educate doctoral nursing students and postdoctoral nurses focusing on high quality education and research, as shown by substantial achievements in education, research, international collaborations, impacting patients, families and communities within Europe.

The Nurse-Lead program is an EU project in which leading nursing professors from six different nursing science departments or schools of nursing in Europe collaborate to realize the project objectives.

"The Nurse-Lead programme provides a unique platform to interact with senior nurses working in academia from across Europe. The Nurse-Lead programme assists me greatly in cultivating my leadership style, provides guidance in building high-performing cross-country research teams and in supporting my career transition towards full professorship."
Oliver Rudolf Herber - Senior Lecturer
"Participating in the Nurse-Lead program means that I take time to reflect on my (leadership) skills. The Nurse-Lead program gives me the opportunity to exchange knowledge within an international context. It also gives me the opportunity to strengthen my role as a researcher in order to strengthen the nursing profession. "
Saskia Weldam - Postdoctoral researcher
"The Nurse-Lead program has revealed to be an important tool for my professional development as researcher. Recognizing and gaining awareness of my strenghts and weaknesses as leader made me seek to improve my leadership skills on a daily basis. All of this is presented with the opportunity of sharing experiences with doctoral students from other European countries."
Soraia Nicola Rodrigues - Doctoral nursing student